SoCal League Alumni

All the below information pertains to the NorCal League. However, SoCal League alumni are already making an impact! Several SoCal Alumni are back coaching for SoCal League clubs. Look for this area to develop in SoCal along similar lines.


The Alumni Association (formed in 2008) of the NorCal High School Mountain Bike Racing League was formed to foster continued community amongst the many riders who participated in the League races during their high school years.  The current officers can be contacted via the Alumni Facebook page.

Alumni on Facebook

Keep in touch with the League and each other. The group is open to graduate riders of the NorCal League only! Click here to join.

BillyCross 2005

Fort Ord 2005

How Alumni Supports the League

  • League Alumni is already benefiting the League in so many ways!
  • By representing us at collegiate, amatuer, and professional bike races
  • By working as coaches, volunteers, and League staff
  • By attending the League’s special events
  • By spreading the word about the League in far away places