Board of Directors

The SoCal League’s Board of Directors have responsibility for organizational oversight as well as ensuring the League has the resources necessary to forward it’s mission. Board members are drawn from SoCal League parents, sponsors, coaches, and those who simply want to make sure that interscholastic mountain biking continues to grow and thrive in southern California! If YOU would like to contribute as a member of the SoCal League’s Board of Directors please send a note to

Bryan Rails, President

Bryan Rails, been on 2 wheels since 6, raced BMX till 18, raced desert and MX. Started the Tehachapi MTB high school teams in 2013 and was secretary for the local IMBA chapter and helped put together the Tehachapi race venue for SoCal.

Win Allen, Vice President

I started riding a bicycle at the age of 5 and never looked back. Raced road, track and mountain bikes for 10 years. I have been working in the bike industry for 33 years. Having been in middle school when I got my first bike shop job, I knew very little about working on them. Since then I have achieved many things within the service (mechanic) side of the industry. Here are a few of them: U.S.A. Cycling Race Mechanic License, mechanic for many World Tour teams, 2X Interbike Mechanic Challenge Winner, Owner of a service only bike shop (Win’s Wheels, Inc.)….

I want to help middle school and high school kids achieve a better understanding of how their bike works and how to maintain it. Also if there is an interest in working in a bike shop I would like to be able to help and guide them. I’m looking forward to growing the SoCal High School Cycling League and NICA in a capacity much more than just racing.

Timari Pruis Allen, Secretary

I began riding and racing mountain bikes during my first year in college, after having been a XC runner and a swimmer. Once I discovered mountain biking, it quickly became my passion over both running and swimming, and it continues do be that way to this day. I formerly raced XC MTB events and in 2000 I found by niche within 24 and 12 hr solo races. My favorite place to ride is the Tahoe Rim Trail in Lake Tahoe, mostly because of the amazing single track, but also because of the stunning views. My reasoning in wanting to be a Grit ambassador stems from my already extensive involvement in the league as a coach, a coach trainer, a league board directory, as well as being a rep for league sponsor Hyperthreads. I am beyond excited for the launch of the Grit program, as it provides a way for me to help encourage other girls and women, that they CAN do this crazy sport of mountain biking. I previously felt that my biggest way to influence other ladies was through racing, but as I get “older” (and at some point will start racing less…..but not quite yet! Lol), this is the perfect way to continue my involvement in the sport that has given me both lasting friendships, as well as confidence in myself that I did not previously have.

Tim Neuville, Treasurer

Tim remembers his first bike – a Schwinn with a 3 speed shifter on the the cross bar and in college moved up to a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed. With the help of many good people, Tim founded, coached, and directed the El Toro High School MTB team. Tim feels very fortunate to be part of  So Cal League- great community of parents, student-athletes, and volunteers. He has witnessed the spirit of the league and how it connects families, conquers teenage obesity and sedentary life style, and “unplugs” them from their electronic devices. During the day he helps people plan and live their dream retirement and after hours and on weekend he helps people stay healthy through the gift of cycling.

Dan Nelson

I found cycling through a friend after my doctor told me I would need knee surgery if I continued playing soccer. My first group ride with “racers” ended with me losing my breakfast, and having to be pushed home. Believe it or not, I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve raced everything from cross country, 24-hour endurance, cyclocross, and even the velodrome.
When my niece started racing for the USA Para-Olympic team, she convinced me I should apply to be a pilot tandem rider for the blind at the Olympic training camp center in Colorado Springs. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience that on four different occasions. Since then, it has become my passion to help others get hooked on cycling too! Now, after a five-year wait, I’m excited to be coaching a special needs team for the 2020 season!

John Kruse

John Kruse is excited to serve on the Board of Directors of the High School SoCal League. He discovered the sport of cycling through Scouting. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, he raced the disciplines of road, track, and mountain. Coaching at the time was virtually nonexistent. This caused him to obtain a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science. While in college he competed with and coached the California State University, Northridge cycling team to a 10th place finish at the Collegiate Track Nationals. He has much experience with teaching beginning track cyclists at the Encino Velodrome. After college, Mr. Kruse worked for a brief time in the bicycle industry before entering the field of education. In 2016, he was selected as the California Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year. He is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and now serves as Physical Education Adviser, K-12 for the Los Angeles Unified School District. He is a member of the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America) and serves as the Leadership and Administration Section Chair of the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD). He is a contributing author to the book Lesson Planning for Middle School Physical Education, Meeting the National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes. Mr. Kruse enjoys volunteer coaching with the St. Francis High School Mountain Bike Team where his son is on the middle school team.

John Norman

I helped start the MTB program at San Jacinto High School 5 years ago. Passionate about the sport and getting more kids involved in cycling.  I played all the traditional sports growing up and don’t race or anything like that.  I do have a 7th grade son who now races for SJ.

Jonathan Kaye

Jonathan couldn’t believe something as great as High School mountain biking existed when he met Paula Rogers and John Tanklage at the CORBA Fat Tire Fest. After five minutes he knew he had to be involved with this sport and started sponsoring the Burroughs High School team. Jonathan enjoys riding with the team and supporting the students at races. He spends his weekdays at Kayo, manufacturing private label clothing for the major department stores. His apparel company is in downtown Los Angeles where he serves on the Board of the Weingart Center. The Weingart Center empowers and transforms lives by delivering innovative solutions to combat poverty and break the cycle of homelessness. After getting his three kids off to college, he and his wife Nancy moved to Malibu to enjoy the quiet nights and beautiful beaches. Jonathan rides the Santa Monica’s from his front door and hangs out with the riders from the Topanga Canyon Bike shop and the North Ranch Bikers.

Matt Gunnell

Matt bought his first mountain bike (a fully rigid Diamond Back Ascent) in 1985. He spent time in many jobs including water polo coach, school teacher, rock and roller, soldier, and police detective. Along the way he picked up a BA in Fine Art and an MPA in Public Administration along with time spent as a bike club President and bike race promoter (after quickly discovering he was better at putting races on than racing). After an injury forced transition from the police force he helped bring the SoCal League together in 2008 as a member of the founding board. When the SoCal League was looking for its first Director Matt kept raising his hand and flailing it around wildly. He eventually secured the position by agreeing to work full time for free for a year. Matt is passionate about cycling, about youth development, and about the magic that occurs when those two are mixed together!

Roger Hernandez

I started cycling in 1995 at Aliso Woods and continue to ride those same trails smiling while riding.  Cycling has changed my life for the better and it continues to take me beautiful places, meet new friends, and feel like a kid. I raced MTB from 2000-2003 then managed a grassroots XC MTB team from 2005-2012. While managing the team I worked events for Kenda Tire under the watchful eye of MTB Hall of Famer Jim Wanamaker. I have been working for Kenda Tire full time since 2013 as the MTB and BMX Marketing Manager. I knew I wanted to get behind high school mountain biking when I was riding a local trail and came across a local team. Every kid rode past me respectfully, courteous, and happy. The SoCal League is good for the kids, good for the sport, and good for the cycling industry!

Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy began his racing career at the age of 4 in the sport of BMX. He raced as an Expert BMXer from the age of 12 to 16. At the same time that he was racing he began competing as an amateur surfer. At the age of 21, when the sport of mountain biking was emerging he began racing mountain bikes in the downhill and cross-country events. He joined the staff of Mountain Bike Action magazine in 1989 as an official tester and staff writer for the magazine. In 1992, he left the staff of the magazine to pursue his dream of being a professional surfer in Hawaii. He became the State’s fifth ranked long board surfer and was ranked 10th in the world. In 1995, he came back to California where he rejoined the staff of Mountain Bike Action Magazine. Since then he has been involved in the sport as both a member of the staff of Mountain Bike Action and later Road Bike Action Magazine and riding whenever he got the chance. That wasn’t easy being, a husband, father of three children and finishing up his BA in Business Administration. In 2007, between his kid’s soccer games and ballet classes, missing the competitive nature of the sport, he began once again to train and race. As soon as he heard about the effort to start competitive high school mountain bike teams with SoCal he knew he wanted to be involved. He has enjoyed volunteering on the track, helping the students and spreading the word to people in the industry.

Terri Wahlberg

I began riding mountain bikes after I met my husband and heard how much fun he was having. What started as a hobby soon turned into racing semi-professionally. I began racing XC Mountain bike events and soon realized that the short distance was not really for me. After about 5 years racing XC MTB events I competed with a team in a 12-hour race at Big Bear. I was instantly hooked and began my transition over to 12 and 24 hr. racing solo. After racing for over 10 years I decided it was time to go back to school and finally earn my degree. During the next 3 years I earned not only a Bachelor’s degree but also my Master’s. Now that I had reached my goal I realized I missed mountain biking and racing and decided it was time to get back on the saddle again. This time around I still stuck to racing 12 and 24hr but wanted a bigger challenge. That challenge came in the form of 1 gear – that’s right my bike of choice is a single speed.
This last year I was honored to be asked to be an assistant coach for the Santa Maria Valley Composite team by the head coach, Tony Gamberutti. I was unsure this was something I would be good at or even if the kids would listen to me. I can honestly say this last year has been the most rewarding year for me with these young adults. I look forward to growing more with NICA and getting more kids on bikes in our area.
Besides racing mountain bikes I also participate in CrossFit, adventure racing, marathon’s and Spartan/Tough Mudder races. When I am not participating in all these activities I work for SM Tire, Inc. where I am the Vice-President of operations and Controller.

Vince Venolia

More information coming soon!