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Coach Training Schedule for the Spring 2020 Season

In person coach training for the spring 2020 season is now complete! Thank you for your commitment COACHES! We’ll start again next season! A reminder that all classes needed to complete a Level 1 (basic) Coach License can be completed online via the Pit Zone at any time.

The SoCal High School Cycling League’s Coach Training program brings together coaches, assistant coaches, and ride leaders —both new and experienced—to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community. These sessions promote a holistic approach to coaching that helps to create an environment in which young people can grow and thrive. This is a great opportunity to spend time in the company of peers and energize for the upcoming season and it’s a core component of the NICA Coach License Program.

We know licensed coaches are the KEY to safe and cohesive programs which give student-athletes the best experiences. We also know that coaches are VOLUNTEERS. As the SoCal League grows we want to do everything we can to lower the barriers of entry to obtaining a NICA Coach License. We also hope that the revisions to the program in reduced cost and increased convenience over the last couple of years will encourage ALL coaches to obtain a Level 3 license!

Teams (or groups of teams in an area) can now schedule On The Bike Skills 101, On The Bike Skills 201 and NICA Approved First Aid/ CPR training in their area! Team Directors should email League Director Matt Gunnell at to learn how to do this!

Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find all of the SoCal specific options!

Contact Matt Gunnell at with any questions.

NICA Leaders Summit

This 9 hour class MUST be completed one time to earn a Level 3 license. This class MAY be repeated for 9 CEUs. Completion and maintenance of a NICA Level 3 license allows a coach to fill roles up to and including Head Coach. Following are some of the topics that might be covered during Coaching Seminars:

  • Engaging and Motivating Adolescents & Retaining Girls
  • NICA Rulebook
  • Race Day: Support, Structure, & Success
  • Creating a Holistic Training Program for Student-Athletes
  • Getting to “Yes” with School Administrators
  • Creating a Strong Team/Parent Community
  • Care and Feeding of High School Team Sponsors
  • NICA Pit Zone
  • Teen Trail Corps

The SoCal League has moved this course online and teaches it as a 3 evening webinar (usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 7:00-10:0 PM).

Scheduled NICA Leaders Summit Courses in SoCal:

  • Online Webinar. June 25-27, 2019. 7-10:00 PM each night. Complete!

  • Online Webinar. October 1-3, 2019. 7-10:00 PM each night. Complete!

  • Online Webinar. December 3-5, 2019. 7-10:00 PM each night. Complete!

On-The-Bike Skills  for Coaches

Skills 101 is a 4 hour class that MUST be completed one time to earn a Level 2 or 3 license. This class MAY be repeated for 4 CEUs. Skills 201 is a 4 hour class that builds on Skills 101 and is worth 4 CEUs. These clinics offer coaches the opportunity to learn the progressive steps needed to teach anyone basic mountain biking skills. You will also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. The majority of this clinic will be held outdoors, so please bring your bike and appropriate riding and safety gear for the weather.

Scheduled On The Bike Skills 101 Courses in SoCal:

  • Chula Vista 9/14/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Chula Vista 9/14/19 AFTERNOON:  Complete!

  • Chula Vista 9/28/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Corona 9/29/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Newbury Park 10/05/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Newbury Park 10/12/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Yucaipa 10/19/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Santa Barbara 10/26/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Irvine 10/26/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • La Canada 11/03/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Murrieta 11/09/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Santa Clarita 11/24/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Ridgecrest 12/01/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Tehachapi 12/07/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Hemet 12/08/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Moorpark 12/08/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Beaumont 12/14/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Temecula 12/15/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Escondido 01/04/20 MORNING: Complete!

  • Ladera Ranch 01/11/20 MORNING: Complete!

  • Lake Forest 01/18/20 MORNING: Complete!

  • El Monte 01/26/20 MORNING: Complete!

  • El Monte 01/26/20 AFTERNOON: Complete!

Scheduled On The Bike Skills 201 Courses in SoCal:

Completing Skills 101 is a prerequisite. You MAY complete 101 in the morning and 201 in the afternoon on the same day.

  • Chula Vista 9/28/19 MORNING: Complete!

  • Corona 9/29/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Newbury Park 10/05/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Newbury Park 10/12/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Yucaipa 10/19/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Santa Barbara 10/26/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Irvine 10/26/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • La Canada 11/03/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Murrieta 11/09/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Santa Clarita 11/24/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Ridgecrest 12/01/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Tehachapi 12/07/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Hemet 12/08/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Moorpark 12/08/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Beaumont 12/14/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Temecula 12/15/19 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Escondido 01/04/20 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Ladera Ranch 01/11/20 AFTERNOON: Complete!

  • Lake Forest 01/18/20 AFTERNOON: Complete!

NICA Approved First Aid + CPR

NICA requires completion and current certification of a first aid component for all Level 2 and 3 licenses. NICA allows coaches who practice less than 60 minutes from “definitive care” (paramedic response) to earn a Level 2 or 3 license by completing a NICA approved first aid course which can be completed (with CPR) in one day***. A NICA approved first aid course is a Basic First Aid level course certified by a widely recognized certifying agency (ie: AAOS, Red Cross, AMA) to which several NICA specific items have been added. These items include:

  • Scenarios tailored specifically to mountain bike related injuries,
  • Training scenarios and examples specific to coaches managing groups of teen aged student-athletes while engaged in first aid situations,
  • Pre-planning practices so you have to use your first aid training as little as possible (ingress and egress, maps, knowing the area, radios and cell phones, equipment, clothing, food and hydration)

*** Coaches whose teams practice more than 60 minutes from “definitive care” must still hold a valid Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification (or above) to obtain a Level 2 or 3 license.

For more information on NICA First Aid requirements and which is appropriate for your license please look HERE.

Following are Trainers for NICA Approved First Aid/ CPR. Teams may contact and schedule training with them directly OR contact Matt Gunnell at with a request to schedule a class:

  • Michael Booker, C.A.S.E.,, (661) 237-3006, $100 per student, 12 students maximum per class.
  • Zsolt Felenyi, ZF Educational Services,, (818) 620-0959, $100 per student, 12 students maximum per class. Also available to teach a 16 hour Wilderness First Aid course via private arrangements.

Scheduled NICA Approved First Aid/ CPR Courses in SoCal:

  • Newbury Park 09/28/19: Complete!

  • Yucaipa 10/20/19: Complete!

  • Santa Barbara 10/27/19: Complete!

  • La Canada 11/02/19: Complete!

  • Newbury Park 11/16/19: Complete!

  • Murrieta 11/17/19: Complete!

  • Claremont 11/23/19: Complete!

  • Hemet 12/07/19: Complete!

  • Corona 12/07/19: Complete!

  • Tehachapi 12/14/19: Complete!

  • Beaumont 12/15/19: Complete!