Pump Track

Thanks to extremely generous donations of resources from SoCal League sponsors and supporters the SoCal League was able to build a top quality pump track the weekend of January 21-23, 2011. We now have a resource we will be able to use to host skills clinics, fundraisers, and group practices.


What is a pump track? In simple terms it is a short series of bumps, humps, and berms where riders complete laps doing the minimum amount of pedaling possible. Why do we need this? Pump tracks allow riders to learn how to interact with their bikes and the terrain with force inputs from other than pedals. Riders learn they can use their whole bodies to control their bikes which ultimately gives them more skill, more confidence, more power, and more safety when riding.

The following videos by Stephen Messer show the results of our weekend of work!


Lee McCormack is an experienced journalist as well as a world renowned bicycle skills instructor. Lee authored the books Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, Pro BMX SKills and Welcome to Pump Track Nation. As NICA’s Skills Development Director, Lee is developing the curriculum that NICA coaches use to teach their athletes to ride with more safety, confidence (and speed). Lee designed our pump track then was on hand working with us to guide us through the building process. He then helped us break in the track by riding it and giving mini-clinics to the riders who spent the weekend with us.

We are grateful that so many people contributed significantly to this project including:

For a day-by-day breakdown and analysis of what we accomplished see the coverage on the Mountain Bike Action website:


The pump track is on private property and is not open to the public. We are scheduling club practice days for League clubs to come and hold practice on the track. Team Directors have been given the dates and address. If you wish to bring your club to a club practice please contact your Team Director. The following rules are in place on club practice days:

  • Only clubs registered with the League and riders on those clubs are allowed.
  • There must be a registered coach from the club at the location at all times.
  • All standard League safety rules are in effect including the wearing of helmets and gloves.
  • Wheels on the ground rule is in effect (no jumping).
  • No competitions may take place.

For any questions please contact League Director Matt Gunnell at matt@staging.socaldirt.org.